Woodstock Tuvan Style


Photo credit: Tatiana Vishnevskaya

Ilona Vinogradova

Director / Executive Producer

Ilona has more than 20 years of experience as a journalist, editor and producer. A graduate from the Moscow State University, for the last 13 years she has been working for the BBC. Although she has produced various TV docs, this is her first independently produced and directed feature length documentary. Hence it was important for her to choose a story no one else could tell in a way she was able to tell it. Apart from storytelling she’s passionate about sailing, as an amateur ocean racer she has crossed the Atlantic and the Southern Oceans. Ilona lives and works in London.

Aley Elagin, director of photography

Aley Elagin

Director of photography
A Prague Film & TV Academy alumni, Aley is passionate about filming documentaries and driving his classic Honda motorcycle through the streets of Moscow. He has worked with major productions such as HBO, Vice and National Geographic as well as putting his time into less known, yet important film projects.
Aleksandr Krylov​, editor

Alexander Krylov


Alexander graduated from the Moscow State University, worked with one of Russia’s best documentary filmmakers Alexander Rastorguev on his films Term and Reality.doc as well as on many other TV and documentary projects. In his free from editing time Alexander drinks vodka in a village near Moscow – it’s better than meditation, he says.
“The best editor I’ve ever worked with. Hope he’ll remain sober enough to work on my next film”, adds the film director.

Mikhail Khursevich


Mikhail is a cinematographer and colourist. As director of photography he has more than ten feature and documentary films under his belt. He has worked with some of the best Russia’s filmmakers, namely Alexander Rastorgyuev, Lyubov Arkus, Marina Razbezhkina, Pavel Kostomarov and others. Among his most notable works as a colourist are The Chronicles of Mercury (2019) and The Songs for the Whale (2017).

Vasiliy Krasnovskiy, Sound editor

Vasiliy Krasnovskiy

Sound editor
Vasiliy graduated from The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), he doesn’t shy away from difficult filming in the cold, but he also works well in a warm studio. Vasiliy composes music and he’s a fascinating guitar player and beatbox performer.
Askar Shakurov​, soundman

Askar Shakurov

Sound recordist
Born in 1992 in Kazan, Russia, Askar graduated from the Sound Design Institute in Moscow. Askar has over 5 years’ experience in working with sound for different projects (post-production, mixing, sound design, field recording). He participated in the creation of the sound design for “Spacewalk” (2017). Askar is keen music lover and a guitar player.